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There is a well-known improved version of the SEO PRO for opencart 3rd version, which takes into account and corrects the shortcomings of the standard SeoUrl.

Advantages of the updated version:

  1. Uniqueness of all Urls. No duplicate url's
  2. Redirect to the original page, in case of erroneous external links site/category2/category3/category5 in the wrong sequence, or in case of incorrect manual input/set or placement will be sent to the last one (such situations are rare - but it is better than 404)
  3. The possibility of using SEFurl for specific pages: authorization page, contact and others
  4. Fix errors with negative values of LIMIT, PAGE some protection against unfair competitors or code errors
  5. Speed of operation due to caching (it is possible to use this module for stores with a large number of products and categories by disabling caching) Speed is achieved by reducing the number of requests to the database.
  6. When moving/changing the engine, it is possible to manage url prefixes, for example your site/product/product your site/catalog/category
  7. There is an opportunity for categories to get a short url, while the path in breadcrumbs remains complete, from the root category instead of site/category2/category3/category5 site/category5
  8. There is a possibility to get a SEFurls for pagination of the type your site/category/page-2 Not recommended, but there is a possibility
  9. In the case of using any news, blogs that have their own modifiers for the formation of CNC (seo url), these changes will be taken into account by the module.

Now the extension has the prefix (name) Sla SEO PRO, which emphasizes both inheritance from previously existing solutions and code modification. One of the features of the SEO PRO (seopro) module is the appearance in the product card of such an entity as the main (main category), from which the path for breadcrumbs on the product page is built.


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